Leadership and Executive Coaching

What clients are saying:

"Hala, thank you so much for everything you helped me through over the last number of months. I truly meant what I said about helping me feel grounded during uncertain times at work and helping me see things in a different light. I am now more excited than ever about what is coming for me in my future both personally and professionally. Thank you for helping me develop into a better leader. "

"Working with Hala over the past couple  of months,  I've felt more confident and comfortable in my role, which has been really fulfilling. I've also been enjoying the work and seeing the team continue to grow. I'm also happy with the relationship I've been maintaining with my boss."

"I feel very fortunate to have been connected with Hala. Our work together has been invaluable in helping me better focus my time and  energy on big picture items that propel my business forward. Her ability to draw out the answers allowed me to be at the heart of the decisions which is very refreshing."


Career Iteration

What clients are saying:

"Hala was instrumental in supporting me through several pivotal career-related realizations. She helped me understand more about myself in just a few short weeks than I have come to understand on my own in the last few years. Getting to the core of how I am internally driven and motivated is an incredibly valuable tool and understanding to have in both my  professional and personal journeys."  

"The work that Hala did with me was extremely helpful. We worked through a series of key beliefs I’ve had about myself.  Hala was an exceptional listener, guiding me to ways to change my perspectives, challenge my market assumptions and learn new tools to communicate with others.  I feel as though a whole new path of opportunities has opened up for me." Judith C,VP Training and Development of a boutique Toronto based consultancy. 

"Working  with Hala has been a truly invaluable investment! , Hala used the assessment to ask meaningful questions and carefully listened to the language I used to answer. Through these layers of meaning she encouraged me to  connect the dots and eloquently re framed problems I had been grappling with into spaces of opportunity and strength. Many moments of illumination!" Jane W, Design Thinking Consultant.

"Working with Hala was such an interesting and enlightening experience. She was able to help re-frame some ideas (and judgments!) I had about my current path and led me to the thread that linked seemingly divergent interests and decisions in my life, including but not limited to my career. Important takeaways were a better understanding of what drives me and how I engage with the world on several fronts. Understanding, for example, that process and learning experiences are my motivating guides as opposed to the “end goal” was a key, transformative missing piece for me. Hala’s conversational style and fearlessly pointed but gentle observations set her apart from other approaches I have experienced. What a bright and uniquely insightful human. Thank you, Hala, for your time and energy.”M.K, Retail Consultant and entrepreneur.

"The best coaches are experienced guides who show rather than tell and know how to listen. Through my conversations with Hala,  I was able to gain valuable insight on what motivates and energizes me, and on the optimal climate and conditions for my success. The coaching conversations with Hala gave me  clarity and momentum.  She shared relevant and valuable resources and information to help me think through my options.  Hala is knowledgeable, empathetic and extremely good at what she does." SR,  Senior Director at a Toronto global investment organization.


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