Hala brings real world, tangible experience that I was able to immediately apply. Her ability to draw out the answers allowed me to be at the heart of the decisions which is very refreshing.
— Corinne A. Entrepreneur and Toronto based small business owner, member of the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce.
Hala was instrumental in supporting me through several pivotal work-related realizations. She helped me understand more about myself ...
— Diana W, Manager, Deloitte.
Hala was an exceptional listener, guiding me to ways to change my perspectives, challenge my market assumptions and learn new tools to communicate with others.
— Judith C, VP Training and Development of a boutique Toronto based consultancy.
Working with Hala has been a truly invaluable investment! The TTI Success Insights assessment provided a comprehensive analysis of the skills I have, illuminated behaviors and articulated drivers that lay deep within me, in an incredibly accurate way.
— Jane W, Design Thinking Consultant.