I am a Fellow at BetterUp. BetterUp is a leadership and transformation organization for emerging and established leaders with clients around the world that is based in San Francisco.

I am an Executive Coach for the Schulich Kellogg EMBA program.

Giving back.

I volunteer as a business mentor for Futurpreneur Canada. A national organization with a focus on supporting entrepreneurship.

I volunteer as a mentor to support the national organization, Forum for Women Entrepreneur working with women entrepreneurs to connect the dots and grow their businesses.

I volunteer to support The Coaching Fellowship. A global program that works with emerging women leaders in the non profit sector.

The Resilience Factor

I partner with leaders of Fortune 500 companies to identify “leverage points” and amplify what works. I work with professionals navigating complex and transforming environments and include: multinationals, consulting firms. large hospitals, law practices, global construction companies and scaling tech firms.

I work one on one with clients at leading companies to help professionals improve their leadership skills, navigate challenges, find meaning and navigate the the fast changing world of work.

I provide ongoing feedback and actionable best practices to guide skill development. I draw from the latest research in management theory and performance and coaching to produce tangible and lasting outcomes.

With an MBA in strategic management and a Master of Design in Foresight and Innovation, I am a certified transformation strategist with a focus on the human factor. I am accredited by the International Coach Federation (ACC).

I look at evidence based practices to help leaders improve their workplace intelligence. Our changing world of work requires us to be cognitively agile, to be resilient and to be able to appraise situations.

In the news:

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Write up from the article: “What If? Trends impacting the Future of the nonprofit Sector in Canada.”

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