Leadership and executive coaching

I work with professionals in high stress,complex and fast paced environments such as busy hospitals, growing law practices, global construction companies, scaling venture backed tech companies, design and consulting firms.

I also work with  busy entrepreneurs, innovators and manager with a million things coming at them. I also work with  new and established managers looking to lead their teams and seeking support around prioritization, goal setting, avoiding burnout, leveraging political intelligence and navigating conflict.

Career Iteration

I work with clients to chart a new path at work and want to figure out their  next career iteration. I work with clients to identify  practical next steps and unpack their implications.

TTI Success Insights Psychometric assessment

I am certified by TTI Success Insights to administer over15 formal, validated leadership and talent assessments that are designed to facilitate self awareness and enhance performance.The assessments cover topics such as workplace behaviours, driving forces and motivators, competencies, leadership acumen, emotional intelligence, selling skills and style and team dynamics.