“Reflective thinking turns experience into insight.” John C. Maxwell.

I partner with professionals to help them create positive and lasting change to live successful, engaged and confident lives with a focus on purpose, passion and clarity.  I coach and work with executives and leaders at all stages of their career.

Who is Resilience Factor Coaching for?

  • You are a professional working in high stress,complex and fast paced environments such as busy hospitals, growing law practices, global construction companies, scaling venture backed tech companies, design and consulting firms.

  • You are a busy entrepreneur, innovator and manager with a million things coming at you. You want to develop your leadership skills and inspire your team day in and day out.

  • You want to work with passion and purpose and know you are making a difference, learning and growing.

  • You are a new manager looking to lead your team and need support around prioritization, goal setting, avoiding burnout, leveraging political intelligence and navigating conflict.

  • You want to chart a new path at work and want to figure out your next career iteration. You want to take a look at practical next steps and unpack their implications.

Leadership Solutions

  “We live in a time of exceptional global challenge and opportunity. Using the power of coaching we can work together for a better future. Coaching has an urgent and essential role to bridge the gap between what is seen as possible under current scenarios and what is needed to achieve a thriving society. Coaching can be a powerful tool to accelerate impact and outcomes.” International Coach Federation Foundation, 2018