“Interests are not discovered through introspection, instead they are triggered by interactions with the outside world.”
— Angela Duckworth

With over 10 years of experience, I held senior level leadership positions in the luxury hospitality industry across the globe and Toronto, including at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Hyatt International. I went on to pursue an MBA in Strategic Management and a Master of Design in Foresight and Innovation. I am also an Associate Certified Leadership Coach (ACC), accredited by the International Coach Federation. I work with established and emerging leaders to develop habits and mindsets that drive organizational performance and individual excellence with a focus on changing work norms.

In the field

I am a Fellow Coach at BetterUp. BetterUp is a global leadership and career coaching organization for emerging leaders with clients around the world that is based in San Francisco.

I am an Executive Coach for the Schulich Kellogg EMBA program.

Giving back

I volunteer as a business mentor to support Futurpreneur Canada. A national organization with a focus on supporting entrepreneurship.

I volunteer as a mentor to support the national organization, Forum for Women Entrepreneur. A national organization working with women entrepreneurs to connect the dots and grow their businesses.

I volunteer to support The Coaching Fellowship. A global program that works with emerging women leaders in the non profit sector.

I volunteer as a Leadership Coach to support the ICF Toronto Chapter’s “Coach Connect” program that offers pro bono coaching to non profit organizations such as the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce. I also volunteer as a project manager to support the International Coach Federation Foundation’s global ‘Ignite Initiative.

“We live in a time of exceptional global challenge and opportunity. Using the power of coaching we can work together for a better future. Coaching has an urgent and essential role to bridge the gap between what is seen as possible under current scenarios and what is needed to achieve a thriving society. Coaching can be a powerful tool to accelerate impact and outcomes.” International Coach Federation Foundation, 2018