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I partner with leaders of established and emerging companies to identify “leverage points” and amplify what works. I work one on one with clients at leading companies to help professionals improve their leadership skills, lead high performing teams and find meaning.

I work with professionals navigating complex and transforming environments and include: multinationals, consulting firms. large hospitals, law practices, global construction companies and scaling tech firms.I look at evidence based practices to help leaders improve their workplace intelligence. Our changing world of work requires us to be cognitively agile, to be resilient and to be able to appraise situations.

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Interview with Fabian Leutizig of The Global Campfire of Coaching on the Future of Work and Why Leadership Coaching Matters.

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Interview with Cindy Wagman of The Good Partnership on Personal Development in a changing workplace with Hala Beisha

Interview with Rachel Pall of Charity Village for "What if?" Trends impacting the future of nonprofit work in Canada

“We need to have creativity – and the ability to read a situation, to connect, to know when to ask people for things – because the rate and pace of change is going to be even faster,” says futurist Hala Beisha, principal and founder of Resilience Factor and certified Leadership and Executive Coach.

I am a leadership strategist with an MBA in strategic management and a Master of Design in Foresight and Innovation. I am a Professional Certified Coach through the ‘Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), ACC accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Who is Resilience Factor for?

You are a professional working in high stress,complex and fast paced environments such as busy hospitals, growing law practices, global construction companies, scaling, tech companies, design and consulting firms. You want to identify leverage points to collaborate with remote teams, lead high performing groups and adapt during times of rapid change.

You are a busy entrepreneur, innovator and manager with a million things coming at you. You want to develop your leadership skills and inspire your team day in and day out.

You want to work with passion and purpose and know you are making a difference and moving the dial, learning and growing.

You are a new manager looking to lead your team and need support around prioritization, goal setting, avoiding burnout, leveraging political intelligence and navigating conflict.


“I feel very fortunate to have been connected with Hala. Our work together has been invaluable in helping me better focus my time and energy on big picture items that propel my business forward. Hala brings real world, tangible experience that I was able to immediately apply. Her ability to draw out the answers allowed me to be at the heart of the decisions which is very refreshing…”

“Working with Hala has been a truly invaluable investment! The TTI Success Insights  assessment provided a comprehensive analysis of the skills I have, illuminated behaviors and articulated drivers that lay deep within me, in an incredibly accurate way…”


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